FlexStor Grain Bagger

FlexStor Grain Bagger Model 1050

Provides you with Flexible Grain Storage!


- High capacity 8’X 8’ detachable overhead fill hopper with grain splash sides.
- 20 inch diameter dynamically balanced discharge auger.
- 10 foot diameter X 9 mil thick high strength plastic grain bags.
- 12.5L – 16.5 12 ply NHS traction tires.
- Large ¾ inch elastic rope bag tensioning system with spring release safety hooks.
- Easily adjustable hydraulic brake manifold with pressure gauge.


- Anti-Slip Walkways
- High Pressure Disk Brakes
- Roller Thrust Bearing
- Side Shields & Grain Bag Tray
- Hydraulic Lift System
- Grain Sealing Between Bag & Machine
- 8000# Rated Trailer Axle With Heavy Duty Eight Bolt Wheel Hubs
- Tubular Welded Side Shields

New! FlexStor Truck Transfer Auger

The Solution To Your Grain Transfer Needs!

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- The 12” augers are hydraulic driven with a capacity of 4000 - 6500 bushels per hour depending upon tractor flow of 15-25 gpm
- Hydraulic oil for the augers is supplied from the bagger valve & does not require additional hoses to the tractor
- The 12” side auger is adjustable in height & is free to swing between the rear tractor tire & the bagger tire during operation
- The 12” truck hopper is equipped with four castered wheels for ease of movement in any direction


- Large high speed castered wheels on the truck hopper can be rigidly locked into a transport position for towing behind the bagger or other tow vehicle.
- Designed primarily for use with modern day semi truck trailers equipped with “ag hoppers”. It may also be used with end dumping trucks or gravity wagons.   
- Has a convenient storage position located on the bagger when not in use.
- A conveniently located hydraulic control valve is used to start/stop the auger as well as reverse direction if needed.


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